EssayPro Service Review

We all remember those exhausting sleepless nights when we felt that everything is going wrong and we won’t be able to deliver the task in time. We thought that being a student should be fun but instead we were snowed under never-ending tasks and reports. Luckily there is a way out of this doomed circle and its name is an essay writing helper! has made its way through lots of challenges, mistakes and changes.  They wanted to be on the forefront of delivering quality papers to those, who for some reason don’t have a chance to complete those tasks themselves. There was a period when they had an ordinary design, a minimal staff and cheap writers. With time they grew into a bunch of professionals, offering their customers only high quality papers.


The web-site has a very thoughtful and user-friendly Blog section and they seem to look after it carefully.  The variety of topics will satisfy all the needs of a person, who wants to buy an essay or just needs some tips how to do it. The blog post is written in an interesting and readable style, and with a simple but yet pleasant visualization.

Scholarship Essay

This feature can be very useful for those, who like writing and want to make some money. Essaypro wants to contribute to the modern society and positive changes, so it offers open challenges for writers to share their opinions with the world. Topics, which can be chosen, are very different and engage most recent problems:

  • Life goals and family
  • Principles of population
  • Technology
  • Gun Control
  • And many other topics, which always arise the interest of the society

Core Values

Essay Pro wants to help their customers create a unique and highly-professional work which will achieve main goals: whether it is admission to the university or a high grade at a class.

They see their mission in providing high-quality services and supporting the writing culture. Each client should have a nice feeling after receiving the completed paper, so the customer’s support always works on improving the possible shortcomings.

They claim to build all the tasks on creativity and flexible mind. It is true that there is no growth without thinking outside the box and they prove it with a high-quality design and nicely written introduction section. Teamwork is considered a pillar for the web-site’s policy and they try to do everything to make their writers and staff feel comfortable and satisfied.

Competent Writers

Essaypro claim to have professional writers and a transparent system of hiring them. While they are quite strict in their words about showing the exit door to those, who do not complete the tasks in the best way, the question what methods they use to evaluate those writers is still open.

They say that the best and most important way of selecting best writers is the review system. They ask their clients to leave comments after the task is completed. All the reviews are seen to the public (even if you are not a registered user) and the team examines each of them really carefully. If the writer is not doing an excellent job, more likely he’ll be asked to leave and never come back.

You can see the page of best writers and decide which one suites you most of all. Such page consists of all the required information on every writer:

  • Orders completed
  • Completion ratio
  • Rating
  • Name and personal information, written by the author himself
  • Essays by subject
  • Customer reviews


The team supports the idea that good essays can’t be cheap, so they agree that the pricing system in this market has been a bit high. But every company chooses their own policy and there are always writers, who can provide same services for a lower price. But will the quality remain the same?

The web-site doesn’t content information about the pricing, so you need to log in and complete all the required steps before you will be able to see how much the paper will cost, although you can see the approximate prices when visiting the Blog section. It’s not convenient considering that the competitors have a simpler form for that.

While writing this Essaypro review I contacted the team and tried to see when the answer will arrive. I have waited for the reply, but no one got back to me even through the email form. It seems they were too busy.

This web-site might be interesting for those, who are looking for a fresh view and a high-quality performance of tasks of any difficulty.