BuyEssayOnline Service Review

When you are experiencing difficulties with writing a paper, which will be both correct and readable, or you simply can’t meet the deadlines, it is very useful to have a trustworthy writing service to assist you in such a difficult and challenging task.

There have been so many of them lately, that one should be really careful to chose a service which will be reliable and will keep all the promises they make. Today we will write a Buyessayonline review and see whether it is different from the platforms offering similar services.

Key points

Any company has pillars, which support their activity on daily basis and this web-site also claims to have some:

  • Reliable materials, which are taken from scholar sources and totally comply with the requirements you have.  All the sources, links and bibliography data will be given in order to single out the needed facts;
  • Unique paper. You won’t have to worry that the paper will be the same or similar to the paper of your classmate. Everything is written from scratch with appropriate citation and references;
  • Only professional writers. The web-site offers unlimited number of revisions, because they are pretty sure that there won’t be any at all. All the writers have at least a Bachelor degree in the required field and they always provide a paper, which fully corresponds with the demands;
  • Free revision. If your paper needs to be changed, you can order a free revision within ten days after the submission of the first draft. Direct connection with the writer will make this process quick and simple;
  • Reasonable prices. It is important for a good writer to have his work paid in a proper way. And it is important for a client to find a company with a low price. That is why Buyessayonline decided that a compromise would satisfy all the sides. They offer average prices to provide high-quality services.

Free features

There is a number of free of charge services which the web-site provides. They include:

  1. Free title and reference
  2. Free outline
  3. Free plagiarism report
  4. Free delivery
  5. Free revision

While many other web-sites charge extra fees for such services, Buy Essay Online seem to be so confident in the quality of their papers that they offer all these features as a bonus.

Design has a very appealing interface. It is obvious that they are following the latest trends and also think that the less is better. The home page, as well as the header menu, is laconic and simple. All the buttons and additional information are hidden, and you don’t need to drown in not relevant information. Everything is made for the needs of the customer and it is obvious that the designers spent lots of time on making it the way we see it.

Writing from Scratch

The first thing which distinguishes them from the competitors is the fact that each page contains not 275, but 300 words per page. At the same time, they remind that the pricing tables on the web-site show ‘an average price’, so it not clear what to expect.

As any writing service, they have various prices depending on the deadline and academic level. The prices are quite high and start with $16.50 per page for a High School student. But the difference in prices is not as rapid as in many other similar companies. So the most expensive paper will be a PhD with time frames between 3 and 23 hours. Such paper will cost $44.20.

Editing and formatting services

Such services are crucial for any paper, as often they lower the overall grades in a couple times.  So the editor polishes and corrects grammar and punctuation, checks sentence structure and improves the quality of the whole paper. Careful formatting aims to make sure that the paper follows all the guidelines and requirements.

Depending on the academic level the price will vary between $10.55 and $28.65 for every page.

Business writing services

These tasks should be written only by those, who understand the topic and possess all the required skills that is why Buyessayonline entrust business papers only to authors, who have appropriate background. If you order a Premium level of writing, your paper will be completed by one of the Top 10 business writers, but you will have pay extra $5 per page, while the Standard level will cost $20.70 – $35.45 per page.

It is quite inconvenient that the web-site offers only USD currency and doesn’t have samples of their works. But they still have additional features which can satisfy customer’s needs.