EssayTigers Service Review

From time to time all of us need some help and there is nothing wrong with that. There are deadlines to be met, projects to be revised and large volumes of information to be processed. In such circumstances and under such pressure we need someone who is keeping the promises and who you can entrust your paper to. Life can be much easier and better when you have someone to rely on and let them help you with the tasks you are not capable to complete.

Essay tigers

The company likes to call itself the solitude tower with a secluded lifestyle. They like making their own decisions, not looking at the competitors and using their patterns. They speak only for themselves and like to be called true tigers. Does this name really fit them?

When you deal with a company, you care about its reputation, so the EssayTigers put much effort in creating a stable environment with 100% satisfaction. The bonus is that they don’t have authorities to report to, so all the decisions are made for the sake of their clients and the feedback is really quick. All the requirements a client might have are taken into account and are accomplished in the best way.

Family Values call themselves an organic platform, which takes care of its environment (customers) in the best possible way. You won’t find a team of co-workers here; you will more likely meet a family of co-thinkers with tight bonds. They work on the projects and call these projects their babies, because it takes much time and efforts to make the paper perfect.

Every essay is revised until the result will be suitable for the customer, as if he was a relative or a close friend. Such policy is very appealing and distinguishes the company among the competitors.

Support tigers

The platform likes helping the environment and the tigers themselves are of great concern. Over 97% of wild tigers have disappeared in just a century and we all should think of ways how to stop the extinction.

Every month the web-site makes a donation to support this noble and beautiful animal, and change the world for better. By clicking a button on the main page, you will be transmitted to the world wildlife organization web-site, where you can choose an appropriate way to contribute:

-make a symbolic tiger adoption, buying the adoption kit

– switch to the products which were made only from trees that were harvested legally

This initiative is an example how the web-site is treating the outer world and it should be definitely taken as an example.

Extra services

  • Preferred writer. It is very convenient that you will have a chance to choose the writer you want to work with. It can be simply any available writer, a top writer or the author you have previously worked with. The last one will be able to take the task if its deadline is 24+ hours or if he is available at the moment. There is also the ‘advanced regular writer’ option. The additional fee for such writer is lower that the price of a top writer, but you will still get a person with outstanding writing skills.
  • VIP services. Choosing this option you can be sure that your messages and tasks will be of first priority and you will also receive all the notifications on your phone.
  • Plagiarism checker. You can order this option for an extra fee and depending on the quantity of pages you will pay $9,99+.
  • Sources used, table of contents and editor’s check. You will be able to order all these additional features for an extra price if you want your paper to be even better.

While other companies provide many of these services for free, this company decided to charge every additional service although the price per page is quite low comparing to the average price on the market.


As any web-site, the Essaytiger has a diverse pricing system, which greatly depends on the number of pages, the topic, deadlines and academic level of the paper. For a page of an undergraduate work you will need to pay $10 if the deadline is in 14 days but for a professional paper with a burning deadline the price will be $56.

There are also charts for editing and proofreading (starting with $6 per page), multiple choice questions and problem solving. All the prices are clear and visible for all users, so you don’t need to go through annoying process of registration just to see whether the pricing system is suitable.

With this Essaytiger review we wanted to show both strong and weak sides of this essay writing platform. Their user-oriented policy is very appealing and can be an example for those, who are only chasing profits.